We have it all

Its not just alteration, we can create your design from start to finish


We will create your special, unique style of clothing, which will be a vivid expression of your excellence. Be it evening dress, bridesmaid dress or business suit and even casual wear. It will be created just for you.


The first step is to design your future clothes.You can bring your own design or a photo of the clothes you like and if you would like we can design it for you. Once you are happy with the design we will start to work with it.


The next step we will prepare your future thing for trying on, and usually we need two fittings. It is at this point that the design and fit of your garment are refined to ensure your garment will hang perfectly on your figure.


And after all the fittings and small additions that can be made, we will finish your garment and it is going to be ready to wear.